Legal Skills Mock Exams

Demo Question - Civil Litigation - Advocacy/Oral Presentation (Full Version Includes 250 Mock Exams)


You are assessed on your advocacy/oral presentation skills. Please read the email you have been given from a partner at your firm. Where applicable, click on the thumbnails below to view the various supporting documents accompanying the exercise.

You have 45 minutes to prepare for the advocacy/oral presentation. You can make notes during the preparation.

Click on the ‘Presentation’ tab when you are ready to begin the advocacy/oral presentation. You can go back to the ‘Preparation’ tab at any time.

Email to Candidate
Form N244
Case Overview and Summary
Note of a Telephone Conversation
Completed Witness Statement
CPR Extracts

You will make your presentation to a decision maker who is present in the room. The decision maker may ask questions. You can use the notes made earlier. The presentation should not last longer than 15 minutes and you will be stopped at the end of this time.

After the presentation is complete, click on the thumbnail below to read the ‘Points to Note’ which summarise the key points that should have been raised in the presentation. The ‘Script’ document is a suggested text for the presentation.

You will be able to assess your performance in the advocacy/oral presentation based on these two documents.

Completed Form N244
Points to Note