Legal Skills Mock Exams

Demo Question - Business Law - Interviewing (Full Version Includes 250 Mock Exams)


You are assessed on your client interviewing skills, and will also be asked to complete an attendance note, which is based on the information acquired during the client interview.

Please read the email you have been sent from a partner at your firm. Click on the thumbnails below to view the various supporting documents accompanying the exercise.

The interviewing exercise should be performed with the help of a person acting as your client. The ‘Instructions to Client’ document, which provides the factual information for the actor/client, can be printed by clicking on the ‘Print’ button above and provided to the actor/client before the interview. You can also save the document on your computer by clicking on the ‘Download PDF File’ button. You should not review the ‘Instructions to Client’ document as it is provided to the actor/client only.

You have 10 minutes to prepare for the interview, but the interview itself should not last longer than 25 minutes. Use the timer to set a time limit for the task. You can make notes during the preparation.

Click on the ‘Interview’ tab when you are ready to begin the interview. You can go back to the ‘Preparation’ tab at any time.

Email to Candidate
Company Search Report
Company Shareholders' Agreement
Company Articles of Association (Model)
Instructions to Client

You have 25 minutes to conduct the interview. Use the timer to set a time limit for the task. During the interview you will be able to refer to the notes made during preparation and make additional notes.

After the interview is complete, click on the thumbnail below to read the ‘Points to Note’ which summarise the key points that should have been discussed in the interview.

The ‘Script’ document is a suggested dialogue between the solicitor and the client, which is substantially based on the information provided in the ‘Instructions to Client’ document.

You will be able to assess your performance in the interview based on these two documents.

Click on the ‘Attendance Note’ tab to move on to the next task.

Points to Note

You have 25 minutes to write by hand an attendance note/case analysis of the interview you have just completed. Use the timer to set a time limit for the task.

You can incorporate notes made during preparation and the interview with the attendance note. All relevant information obtained during the interview should be recorded in the attendance note/case analysis.

You should provide an analysis of any legal issues that arise in the matter and record your initial advice for the client. The attendance note/case analysis should also identify the next steps to be taken by the solicitor and, where applicable, the client.

Any professional conduct issues that may arise and how they should be dealt with, as well as any other specific issues, should be addressed as well, unless you have been instructed otherwise.

A suggested ‘Attendance Note’ document is available to help you assess your performance.

Attendance Note