Legal Skills Mock Exams

Demo Question - Property Law - Legal Research (Full Version Includes 250 Mock Exams)

The online legal research exercise is a computer-based assessment. Please read the email you have been sent from a partner at your firm. Where applicable, click on the thumbnails below to view the various supporting documents accompanying the exercise.

You have 60 minutes to complete the online legal research task. Use the timer to set a time limit for the task.

Your answer should be divided into two sections, namely advice to give to the client, and legal reasoning mentioning any key sources or authorities. Answers should be written in Microsoft Word using MS Office Professional 2010.

Save the document with your answer on your computer for future reference.

Click on the ‘Suggested Solution’ tab when you have completed the task.

Email to Candidate
Sketch Plan

Click on the thumbnail below for a suggested solution for the online legal research task to help you assess your performance.

Advice to Client and Legal Reasoning